Proxy Statement

Proxy Statement

Click the link above to order a hardcopy of our 2024 Annual Meeting materials.

Note: Please have your 12–digit control number in hand when you click “Order Hardcopy” to request paper copies of the Company's proxy materials for the 2024 Annual Meeting of Shareholders. Your 12-digit control number is printed on your proxy card or notice of internet availability of proxy materials, whichever you have received.

Information About Notice and Access

The Company has adopted the SEC’s “Notice and Access” process which allows the Company to make its proxy materials available to shareholders electronically online, rather than sending out printed copies of its proxy materials in the mail. Adopting this process allows the Company to significantly reduce the environmental impact of printing and mailing its proxy materials while reducing its overall costs. Shareholders who would like to receive a printed copy of the Company's proxy materials may do so by following the instructions on their notice of internet availability of proxy materials or by clicking here.

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